English Abstract. snob [-arrogant-] and mob [-antisocial-]

Upper-class and the Mafia.



What tried to prevent alike and consequently American philosophy and system of government was a ”snob-rule” (government) and a ”mob-rule” (from the people). *Neither government from elites the vanity, nor electorates from majority anarchic and tyrannical of a class ordinary from country or like a disorderly crowd people.

          the ”snob-rule” of a governing Elite and the ”mob-rule” of an Omnipotent Majority

The ”snob-rule of a ruling elite (a minority group of people regarded as the best in a particular society) and the ”mob-rule” of a majority Omnipotent (a majority that can do of everything.).
The ”snob-rule” Rule of vanity.

The snob is an arrogant, pompous and conceited. They despise the lower classes. They believe that their tastes in a particular area, are unique, extraordinary and more exquisite than of others. They are followers of the elections, selections, possessions, manners, refinement and customs of the wealthy. They seek partnership with them. He’s petulant and offensive with knowledge. The snob, rejects and ignore to those they consider inferior.
The ”mob-rule” Rule of the Street.

The mob is anarchic and tyrannical. He’s bereft of honor, is cunning and malicious. They are messy, are those on foot. He’s who takes advantage of others’ generosity without giving anything in return. They’re destructive, don’t have skills, good for nothing. The Mafia, the ordinary people. They’re a disorderly crowd people. He’s a failed. From bad to live.

*Hamilton Abert Long, 1976. ”The American Ideal of 1776”: The Twelve Basic American Principles. Part II Some Aspects of the Traditional American Philosophy. An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic. A Republic. He wrote: The American Philosophy and System of Government thus bar equally the ”snob-rule” of governing Elite and the ”mob-rule” of an Omnipotent Majority.
Oxford American Dictionary
snob: a person who greatly respects Upper-class or rich people and who looks down on people of a lower class. A person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to others.
mob: a disorderly crowd of people. (the Mob) the Mafia. (the mob) derogatory the ordinary people. (mobs, mobbing, mobbed) crowd around someone or into somewhere in an unruly way